Monday, February 28, 2011

losing my way

The nicest blue colour on the cabs.
Topman-shirt, jacket-college project, tie-granddads and trousers-dads.
 Nirali - Graphic designer, L'officiel India and also my accomplice
Lips mag, Indonesia
L.A. Consing - Rogue Mag, Phillippines
Raul T. - Metro Society, Phillippines
Pranav - M Mag, India
Dorothy Tan - writer, Singapore
miss glitzy- Blogger, Singapore
Melanie - Producer, Hong Kong
Ardi - Writer, Glam mag, Malaysia.
Tiffany - Yoga instructor in Helmut Lang
The well dressed waiter
 In am:pm
Valerie - Navigator, Singapore
Antoine - business school, Singapore
Charmaine, Singapore
at the door, specially flown down from America.


Ice cream sandwich with sweet bread. Try everything once so i did.

Last year June 2010 almost a year ago  i was in Singapore for the Launch of Bulgari Man the fragrance in Asia. I happened to see the city again very differently then i had 10 years ago. Met a lot of really interesting people whose names i might have messed up since iv mixed up all the visiting cards.(please correct me if you know anyone or it is you in the picture id appreciate it). 
We stayed at the Marina bay sands had heard so much about the hotel, there are a couple of pictures from the roof, was not very fond of the over done interiors. 
I also spent way too much time shopping only at uniqlo and topman. Going to the stores more then once i did buy some things i really love. For the first time the jeans were actually skinny on the leg at a mens store but i ended up buying a baggy pair 2 inches bigger then my size. Theres a picture of me in it with the mustard jacket in the dressing room and recently below.  Have been losing way too many things in the past couple of months along with the usual loss of cell phones, I dont know where my topman sunglasses(below), earphones, black reading glasses i got are i miss them if i left them at anyones id be glad to have them back.
Or i guess i'm learning how to let go.

photograph: Roger Renberg


sartorial diary said...

ok firstly,the images of the singapore skyline are beautiful!
secondly,WOW,people in singapore really take their dressing seriously,i wish people in delhi dressed half as sharply as them(including the waiters haha).
also,i'm all for trying everything once,but the ice-cream sandwich looks positively sickening!

grey said...

thank you..
lots of them are not from singapore but all over south east asia, delhi has so many like these ul be surprised. the sandwich i will not recommend esp not after pork