Monday, January 31, 2011

Mr. Blouse part I

Blouse, Asos + diy
Jacket, Kallol Datta
Trousers, Hill rd 
Neckpiece, Xray by Shruti Bheda
Shoes, Alcott

Blouse, Hill Rd
Elasticated trousers, hill rd
Tribal fringe in neck, Kapow Wow 
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Forever 21

First one for the year jumping ten other posts including fashion weeks, new countries, music festivals, award ceremonies and birthdays.
One very hungover tired Sunday we decided to shoot our first drag story on someone who never showed
up so we switched things around did Mr. Blouse instead.
I have never collected one piece of clothing in so many variations apart from polo shirts back when i was
in college and was obsessed with those. Now i have a growing collection of Blouses in every form sheer
and shoulder padded, metallic and velvet and this is about each one of those.
This is first half of the images, will shoot the other half of this soon to put up here and many more hopefully.

photographs: Munsif Molu
hair and make up: Mark Boss


SAM. said...


your the most beautiful DRAG err MAN, i have ever seen.. ^_^ i m in LOVE! <3


grey said...

thank u sam ;)