Wednesday, October 6, 2010

on my way to believing

Shirts, Colaba
Khakis, Zara
Sandals, Paharganj

So i barely ever buy two different colours in same piece of clothing if i really like it except if it is ofcourse really cheap and something id wear often. This grandad collar shirt fit both of the rules. I never saw the inky blue one until four months after the white. I found them both while cleaning my room along with my something strange from my sisters junk haha thought i should try all of them on together.
They are the same size which simplifies this idea. there are a couple of things you can do with the back either knot the sleeves or let them loose or you could cut it and sew it to make one shirt like someone suggested to me but i cant...but you never know - evolution.
Now i wish i could have a half each from the two shirts pasted together below. perfectly good apart even better together.

Martine Rose wax shirts  from Okini
Rorschach test. August 2010.



This is strange.
I was planning to get a "space" wall paper/ paint splatter wall paper for the store.

Is this real wallpaper or graphic manipulation.

looks awesome either way.

grey said...

was gonna do the paint splatter space
on a wall at my frnds place too..
this is pshop though...

blurredspot said...

hahaha yes yes

indi said...

where you gone mister master?

Anshul said...
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Anshul said...

i like your blog! its got a nice collage-y feel, like a alt_delete vibe with cut paste!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Love the sandals! And I also think the space wall print looks great!:)

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