Friday, November 1, 2013

come simply.

The second batch of my unisex recycled t-shirts with 11.11/eleven.eleven reclaimed. Shot these on all the people i know and spend so much time with in New Delhi. Everything i love tees, trees and the great bunch wearing them. Shot a night before halloween under the peepal tree.
Left to right: Rinrin, Alisha, Karishma, Tsundue, Linno, Kaka, Sonam, Surabhi, Mia, Gursi, Meghna, Rin, Van, Shemaila, Manasa, Amrita, Arushi, & Shourya.
Available to shop at the Grey Garden, Hauz Khas village

                                                        Photographs: Shovan Gandhi

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ask for much.

More full moons and under exposed images from spending too much of the summer in my dungeon.  More lines drawn on the walls, more to do lists and more teenage musicians.

linen jersey tee, 11.11
elasticated pants, bombay streets
shoes, clarks

Portraits : Hair Nair

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

dropping out.

Sunglasses, American Apparel
Pullover, Shillong street
Elasticated pants, Bombay street

                                                            Raincoat, American Apparel
Sleeveless tee, thrifted
Shorts, DIY cut trousers
Sneakers,  Vans 

Photographs by Madishetty Manasa

One gloomy evening in and around my home in Delhi and some new things i own and lost already.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

mr. blouse part 2

sheer blouse, bombay streets
sunglasses, dries van noten
pullover, shillong streets
shorts, love brand & co.
sandals, goa market

velvet blouse, delhi streets
elasticated pants, bombay streets
shoes, vans
ginkgo leaf pendant, Eina Ahluwahlia
rings, all Blur

                                                               blouse, bombay streets
                                                                coat, bombay streets
                                                               trousers, custom made
                                                                   necklace, Blur
                                                                shoes, delhi streets.

This is the second installment of my blouse story in hibernation for the last two years. Shot in and outside my Bombay house and on the streets of Bandra. see part 1 here Mr. blouse part 1
Photographs: Munsif Molu

Friday, July 29, 2011

if you showed me how to live.

Alisha Batth

 Middle sister, Alisha Pais and Alisha Batth
The Mavyns

 The Magic Numbers
Jill with Michele Stodart
 Middle sister with Michele from the Magic Numbers
Neville, Alisha and Alisha with Susheela Raman
 Asian Dub Foundation
Pictures from NH7 2010 the nicest music festival i went to in the recent past. Absolutely last minute like all things i do made it so much better cause i did not plan it at all, and my so many amazing things happened.
I went along with my friends alisha batth and alisha pais (together = middle sister) who got to play a last minute, unplanned gig and opened for the closing act the Magic Numbers and this year Alisha Batth will be playing on the main stage solo.
I was told i was the jack of all trades and the master of none at an interview to design school a couple years back. Which is why i look upto musicians who bring people together and get to sing what they are feeling and want to say. Who knows what i will do may be i was meant to do many different things in my life or just dance to the great music i hear them play.

Bread and butter, Tempelholf airport, berlin
Tempodrom, berlin. 

Recent pictures from the Bread and butter trade fair in Berlin also one of the most amazing things iv ever seen what is even better the airport converted to a fashion trade fare also had a live music stage. Also got to watch the Michalsky spring summer 2012 show where Uk band Mirrors performed live and my camera battery died just when i attempted to take a picture of them and instead got a picture of the ceiling of the amazing venue.