Thursday, March 10, 2011

until we hit the ground

half a year back:

Day 1

Little Shilpa
Nidhi, Meghna, Rin and Me
The girl with the biggest smile, Latha Sunadh
Day 2
Meghna Bhalla
Smita Desouza
Rin Jajo
Pasham Alwani
Isha, great mix of pastels.
The best of the week. 5 years of gen next.

Anuj Sharma
My village by Rimzim Dadu

Nitin Bal Chauhan - Recycled news paper, thread rolls perfectly tailored into these shapes
Kallol Datta 1955 - Cutlery prints 
Rahul Mishra - Escher print sheer fabric embroidered with metal pipes got alot of attention and was on my custom making list for a jacket too.

Day 3
Malu, model
Shrishti, Jewellery designer
Malini, fashion editor. and her polaroids from London below.

Arshia, model.

Nachiket, Disco ball necklace 
Nidhi Jacob
Day 4

the girl with the sleepy eye, Alisha Netalkar, freelance stylist.
Nidhi, Me. Narresh
Narresh Kukreja and Meghna
Day 5
Jagvir Matharoo, designer
The best dress at fashion week.
Ashita, Fashion writer.
Lotus Blossom, design student
Karuna, Stylist

Alisha N
Meghna & Pasham

Photographs of us at Lakme India fashion week autumn winter 2011 shows. See all of you in the evening.


H said...

I'm so jealous you got to go. :P
Isn't Rahul Misra the guy who came up with the really interesting leather+silk textile concept a while ago?

Spardha Malik said...

Great Pictures!
Nidhi Jacob is so amazing.

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