Saturday, March 5, 2011


Shirt - Colaba causeway,Galaxy print Top-Manish Arora, Moonstone necklace-d.i.y.

The worlds getting more and more obsessed with space, there is so much out there that we will never truly know off. Knowing humans they will pretty much ruin whatever they get to, so its best they get here first.
Sometimes going out can be very hard when you have to cover long distances and your an hour away from a 1:30 deadline in Bombay, but i was already in what i wanted to wear. There was no choice.
I recently went to the Manish Arora Sale in Delhi and after a long hour of trying pretty much everything in there i gave in to this galaxy print top (which i have never seen before). My rock from the beach was referred to as a moonstone the next day as we discussed space at a work meeting. An hour later happened to find Star Trek playing on Hbo. Its a Sign!

Captain Spock, Starship Enterprise
Top to bottom: Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto-2009

V-neck jumpers in deep browns and greys with the relaxed Spock hair cut at Muiccia Prada's A/W 2011 show are perfection on him and his Crew for they're next venture into "where no man has gone before". 
                                                             Prada Menswear - A/W 2011



I think you should rock the Spork eyebrows.

Prutha said...

love this post!! the star trek, the very cristopher kane printed manish tee and the prada collection..perfect combo...

i love ur lfw pics too.. copke chekc out my blog to... i promise u'll like it..[u'll have to go thru a little more than a few posts to get the gist of my blog though]