Wednesday, September 29, 2010

who the hell knows

 American Apparel See through tee and sunglasses,
d.i.y. Tea stained tee and bleached shorts,
alien head rock in neck and Alcott flip flops.

Its not a bad time to post this.... the sky has been looking all orange for the past few days at sunset just like it was the last time the seasons changed back in April.(when i took these pictures in the summer). Was good timing for the bag my friend left behind with the shopping he did for me to finally reach me from New York after 3 months.
Apart from the see through tee from American Apparel finally i also got what i was more excited for. My first issue of Butt issue 27. Now also the last issue until 2011, since they announced a sabbatical in May. I scanned a couple of its least flesh bearing awesome matte flesh-pink pages. There's so many amazing interviews and images in there. Until i order more of these 27's going back to its hiding place.

Almost wore exactly the same things today, unintentionally obviously : S


FP said...

It is nice to have access to your beautiful photos.
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H said...

You are SO supercute!
Loving the shorts. And those sunglasses are awesomez!


yay hes back


amen to MasalaChai!
Listen, the building image is brilliant.. you shot it?
cut your hair.
i think one shoot should be done - 'shot by nikhil, starring nikhil and concept by nikhil.

clothes by AmericanApparrel'

*rin* said...

love the rooftop shots!

Sheena said...

Delish tones. I'm loving your blog.

Oona said...

Nice post. I like the necklace ( a lot like Stolen Thunder's) and the stonewashed shorts. Very hippie.

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Love the stone washed shorts.