Tuesday, September 28, 2010

there is nothing

Its been really long i posted anything, infact i had this post uploaded but dint even have the time to hit publish , okay that is a bit much of self pity. Have done allot since i last time i wrote here have tons of pending stories and photographs. My dad turned 60 today to my disbelief, i watched 3 awesome movies, read almost half of the Hobbit and completely forgot about a meeting, guess this will add to the productive day i'v had. : S
Starting off with this since it was already saved and was one of the things i like most about this year. My forest shoot or excuse to go to forest if you can call the outskirts of Bombay that. Will upload the entire shoot a bit later. Was a long day of rain, sleeplessness, flies and wet socks but i guess it was worth it.
Photographs: Roger Renberg
Hair and make up: Avni Rambhia
Model: Erika Packard (Elite)


Anonymous said...

publish this already!!!!!!!!

sartorial diary said...

love the photography!
especially the third picture.