Friday, May 28, 2010

interconnected echoes

Tee- Fcuk
Jeans - bangkok (borrowed)
Headband - friends belt

Sequinned jersey dress - FCUK
shirt - bombay street
Mint jeans - FCUK

Photos: Shruti Bheda

All of sudden i think theres way too many things to buy in Bombay.
Here is more stuff i got to add to my wardrobe from fcuk.
After spending an hour or more trying on almost everything from the
menswear section i decided to go the womens and get something.
With so many tempting florals, power shouldered striped dresses and
tons of sequins.
I settled for this flesh coloured jersey dress with embroidered sleeves
perfect to share with my better (wardrobe) half.
from the mens i got the basic printed long tshirt cause it reminded me
of one of my favourite videos , M83 - we own the sky.
Watching the IPL final can be very boring so after we finished watching
it we decided to take pictures at my friends apartment.
All available at the FCUK Store at linking road, bandra.


renegade said...

i love the way you hv played with it!great!keep posting!

Neha said...

super!!!...i love the way you have used the dress

Anonymous said...

look at you. being all PV..FCUK better give you a discount card

Anonymous said...

love the way u worked the dress into your look! genius!


you are such a perfect ryan mcGinley model.

Spardha Malik said...

i interned with fcuk india 2yrs bk lol... they'd be so delighted to c all this free publicity!

You really know how to rock the casuals! tre fantastique blog!