Monday, May 17, 2010

you end and i begin

Wills lifestyle India Fashion Week A/W 2010 - Day 4


Namrata Joshipura

what we wore:
Me and Tenzin
(Flesh blouse - borrowed from indi, wrap shirt - Dharamshala street, mint jeans - fcuk, shoes-custom made)

Day 5
Peta at Hemant Nandita... where was lovestruckcow?
Siddhartha Tytler
Rishta by Arjun Saluja
Love song - Prashant Verma
Varun Sardana
 Rajesh Pratap Singh - Finale

What we wore:
Rin in a Varun Sardana Vest
Jenjium Gadi
The prettiest ghost - Manisha in Shrivan Narresh
Mathieu, Sarah wearing a Bungalow 8 dress, Ranjuni 
Lubna in Varun Sardana Dress and her barbie doll shoes.

Meghna in Namrata Joshipura, Tenzin, Surabhi, Aradhana.
Monali in Varun Sardana. Kushal and Me (Lace blouse - borrowed from indi, blue shirt - street, shoulders -
felix bendish, trousers - dads,belt - only, shoes - topman)

Day 1 pending
Azara by Alpana Neeraj
Butterfly effect - Rahul Mishra  (Escher inspired) 

What we wore:
Meghna and me. (Black vest - indis closet, ikat shirt - omo, trousers - uncles, sandals - street bombay)
Gaurav and me. (Beaded vest - indis closet, shirt - dads)

This was long pending like all my other posts, my first time at Delhi fashion week.
Over packed and only 3 days late im not sure if i expected too much or i missed
alot of the nice shows from earlier.
With extravagant presentations everywhere from lazer shows, dancers, films, mascots,
symphony of vocal sounds the clothes started to seem second best.
Prashant Verma's shredded flesh coat left a lasting impression on me and i should try
it on soon, may be own it. perfect for 4am walks.

The models vanished into the the plain layers of the muslin forest at Pratap to
Thom Yorke's hearing damage. The perforated fabrics and sequined jackets
were genius, along with the perfect asymmetric blazer but the symphony was
the most memorable part of the show.

Varun Sardana's felt details looked even better up close and had many more
great separates not shown on the runway. Also spotted on more people then
any other designer -Varun's first few collections to his newest aw 2010.
Then there was the first day which was pushed to the day after the finale which
meant i missed one day less i guess shit happens for good, i was reminded that
 i still don't own sequined pants (Atsu).



Bitch! remove that ghastly photo.
i missed so much!! especially atsu!!

indi said...

the last outfit with beaded vest is your bestest. thank god i didnt listen to you.

Mira said...

Was quite surprised to see Kushal there. Used to work with him.

You remind me of Anand Wilder.