Monday, May 3, 2010

stuck in a hard place






 I would only wear it as lining to my jacket all along, now i want everything i can imagine covered in dots. Been obsessed  for  a while now and have been finding more and more of them all over the place. Need to get dotted trousers and il be good. Also hope it inspires me to work on my 50's project.
1. Oversized shirt, printed tee - street in bombay, jeans -borrowed (friends bangkok shopping)
2. My dad photographed in a studio in 1955-56 (left), 
the nicest editorial shoot ever from Wonderland mag - called Mr. Moustache editor:way perry  (right)
3. Henrik Vibskov - menswear s/s 2010, his collaborations on graphic art installations.
Designer, Artist, Filmmaker, Drummer, genius...more on him soon.
4. Bounipun menswear s/s 2010 - Zubair Kirmani, have been wanting to get that t-shirt 
with the dots in flocking.
5. Chanel lipstick shade pins
6. Pajama top  - mums.


indi said...

your dad, omg!

ryder said...

your dad? really? wow, that is great. not many of us can say the same.