Saturday, April 10, 2010


Meghna, Grazia India

Priya, Style Kandy

Reaching only 3 days late and pretty much lost, my first time at
Delhi Fashion week awtumn winter 2010 wandering in the stalls
I found something i was looking forward to for a while now.
a borrowed bag full of blouses,
my same old accessories and a ton of options of oversized shirts
was all i could manage to pack in a confused 10 minutes.
These shoulder pads and straps by Felix Bendish were a perfect
solution and fit.
So we tried them on and made good use of them.
They fit right onto anything, plaid, lace, jersey,
in elastic straps or a georgette scarf options.
Cant wait to get them made to my size.
Easy to wear and great to avoid fake hugs at fashion week.


anikate said...

I Love his cute creatures and Microscopic Ties more.....he finally made a version in gold...after the antique silver....

I knw u have eye on the star fish...I loved the frog.....

grey said...

hahah ur quite informd the
starfish it is...
but these i find more wearable

anikate said...

I loveDDDDDD the silver ones.... they are so LADY GAGA..Also liked the scarf necklaces....Btw have the eyes on the customized Porcupine...BY Felix.

Ps- do read Ma blog

indi said...

hahahhaha fake hugs??!! damn nice.