Sunday, April 4, 2010

crossing over

Was a crazy month and some very crazy summer shopping.
I dont know what i was thinking but everything i have
bought this month is red (and white).
striped Tee - giordano
red boy shorts - bossini
canvas/suede belt - sisley
earphones - panasonic (apple store)
notebook - playclan (attic)

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anikate said...

GoT hold of Marie claire and a tab page appeared Introducing me to this Amazing Blog out of the Marvelous Blog-o-sphere...seems very Interesting and Fashion Forward almost bordering Avant Garde....

Loved ur Wrk since 17 AND NOW mArie claire...AND ALSO if you remeber ur own design -A post box red gown WHICH YOU EVEN WON an award at bROO hahaha....

cheers 2 Fashion...finally we have sum1 who admires sTYLEBUBBLE AND MANY SUCH lITERARY AND CULTURAL Virtual zines....

Pls Upgrade daily..