Monday, June 15, 2009

If I Was Courage:

pink bleached skinnies.

mineral washed purple jeans.

My favourite fuschia dog with the 3 black marks on his back and
a pair of floppy ears is really loyal and well very smart.
he gets me to try and dress how he would.

Here is Courage being himself with his owners Eustace and Muriel
and if youve never seen him on tv before which is unlikely
tryin to get my hands on the episode called "The Feast of the Bullfrogs" its
really one of the most awesome animation iv seen on a tv cartoon series.


*rin* said...

the pink one's cool!

indi said...

your poor shoes and bowtie are awesome on the pink bleach. what's the lilac-y thing you're wearing? i totally want to borrow some grey marl from you.


did you make those pink jeans?!!?
I want!! perfect!
manish arora AW0910 style leggings :P

anshu said...

thanks babe u ur site