Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chimera - The Diverse Creature

Some of the aspiring designers graduating from WLC Bombay
last weekend at the annual show Chimera. Here are the ones
i think had the best work since i was one of them not so
long back and know how much goes into this.

Slumdog Chic by Loise Braganza
Hand dyed fabrics, draped into a very nice wearable collection of dresses,
could be dressed up or down quite effortlessly.

The Forgotten Garden by Danica Dsouza
Over-sized knits and a whole lot of embroidered and pinned moths
with weaver bird nests and dried leaves as accessories. Great organic appeal.

Sprezzatura by Sara Shaikh
The dandy simplified and modernized - Love the double lapel, layered jacket
going into the check pants.

Sang Froid by Anshu Gautam
Digital prints mixed and layered with some heavy knitting.

The Time of no Time by Kshitij Choudhary
Mayan deities wearing intricate beading and embroideries with elaborate hair
pieces think Apocalypto the movie. The asymmetric skirt and beaded
leg warmer were most interesting pieces.


indi said...

you need to put clearer pictures baby.

grey said...

i wish i had any
il add some